The Holidays at Rawhide Ranch

Welcome to Rawhide Ranch!

Rawhide Ranch is a fictional world created by Allie Belle, and the Holidays at Rawhide Ranch is a multi-author series. 

The Ranch is a premier BDSM Resort and safe haven for lost littles. You can find a list of all the Rawhide Ranch books and the reading order here, and you can follow Rawhide Ranch on Facebook to keep up with all the latest news! 

A Memorable Little Memorial Day

A week at a working ranch isn’t exactly what a former cowboy would consider a vacation. But then again, Rawhide isn’t exactly your typical cattle farm, and Reid Phillips isn’t your average cowboy. He left his family ranch with only his good looks, country charisma, and playboy ways, and never looked back. 

If Madigan “Maddie” Arsenault had known her bestie arranged a week at Rawhide Ranch as a chance to find her a man, Maddie never would’ve agreed to this so-called vacation. This homebody with a perpetual cloud over her head may be adorable but she has no interest in being anyone’s Little.  

Ranch owner Derek Hawkins assigning Reid to be Maddie’s Daddy for the length of their stay throws a wrench in everyone’s plans. Reid thought he’d be playing the field, and Maddie has no intention of letting a man into her bed, never mind her heart. At the end of the week, will the magic of Rawhide bring these two stubborn hearts together and allow them to ride off into the sunset? Or will all their holiday hopes be ruined by Derek’s matchmaking?

Novalie's Little New Year

Win the bet, lose the guy.

That's the problem Novalie Marchand finds herself facing when the man who broke her heart in high school turns up at Rawhide Ranch.

Only, Lincoln Donall isn’t the bad boy rebel she remembers. Linc is all grown up, and he's all Daddy.

And he's on a mission to find a bride to take back to his remote Alaskan island. So he enlists Nova's help to find him the perfect Little.

But the more time she spends with Linc, the clearer it becomes that he's not just looking for any Little. He wants Nova.

When the clock strikes midnight, she'll have to choose: Move into the New Year with the man she's loved for half her life or let old hurts keep her locked in the past.