Frontier Daddies

Welcome to Enclave, Alaska...

What happens when a group of former Navy SEALs and their friends buy an isolated Alaskan island to build a community where they can live the DDlg lifestyle fulltime? 

Frontier Daddies features rugged, ex-military Daddies who have a soft spot for the Little girls they adore. These romances contain age play between adults. Stories may include spanking, DDlg, abdl, med fetish, and other kink. 

Daddy's Little Nightingale: Available NOW!

A Frontier Daddies Prequel Novelette 

A protective Daddy comes to the rescue of a Little in need.  

Gavin Bayard is working as a hospital security guard after leaving the Navy. It's not what he wants to do forever, but it'll do for now. Especially since he gets to see sweet, blond Gwen several days a week. 

Gwen Vogel is a pediatric oncology nurse who's had an especially rough day, and when it gets even worse, her favorite security guard comes to her rescue in more ways than she could've dreamed.  

Daddy’s Little Nightingale is a prequel novelette to the Frontier Daddies series. Get to know and love Daddy Gavin and his Little Gwennie Vee, and then follow them to Enclave, Alaska, a safe haven for Littles and their caregivers where they can live out their HEAs in 24/7 DDlg/age play dynamics!

Daddy's Little Second Chance

Frontier Daddies Book One 

When you get a second chance at a one night stand with the woman you can’t forget, you don’t refuse.  

Knox Truett and Lujha Fuller had one hot night, and then went their separate ways. But despite being consumed with setting up a fetish-friendly compound on an isolated Alaskan island with his buddies, ex-Navy SEAL Knox hasn’t been able to get the enigmatic brunette out of his head. 

Lujha Fuller is still trying to get on her feet after her divorce, frequenting Covert, Anchorage’s best fetish club, and trying to forget Chief Petty Officer Knox Truett. She thought they’d had something real even though it was only a single hook-up. Apparently Knox didn’t agree because she hasn’t heard from him since. 

But when a date won’t take no for an answer, Lujha calls on the only man she thinks could help. She’s stunned but relieved when Knox comes to her rescue, and agrees to go back to the compound with him. What does she have to lose?

Except that when she arrives at Enclave, Knox seems determined to avoid her everywhere except in the rustic cabin they share at night. They may have chemistry for days but attraction isn’t all it takes to build a Happily Ever After, and Lujha’s not looking to settle again. 

Daddy’s Little Second Chance is a standalone novel in the Frontier Daddies series. It features a fragile little girl who’s determined to find a daddy, and a stalwart man who’s willing to give his life for this woman, but maybe not his heart.

Daddy's Little Wildcat

Frontier Daddies Book Two

A man doesn’t know the meaning of “all in, all the time” until he comes face to face with the love of his life.  

Taj Hovick is the owner and founder of Carcharodon Security, and he’s damn pleased he can provide a place for his employees and his former teammates to live their most authentic lives, as well as a safe haven for their partners while they’re away on missions. What he’s not in the business of is providing a refuge for strays.  

Jolene Graves is on the run from her abusive boyfriend and is taking a breather in an abandoned cabin she lucked into on her way to Anchorage. They aren’t the nicest digs but they’ll do until she can pick up the pieces and be on her way. 

When Enclave’s pilot informs Taj he may have a squatter, he goes to suss out the situation and finds himself at the business end of his own pump-action shotgun. Will he stand his ground and take the dishy intruder down, or will he take her under his burly wing or perhaps over his thickset thigh for a sound spanking? Jolene’s a hellcat for sure but maybe she’d purr for the right man…

Daddy’s Little Wildcat is a standalone novel in the Frontier Daddies series. It features a feisty little girl who’s down but not out and knows how to rack a shell in short order, and a former Navy SEAL who may look like a brute but has a weakness for Littles in need of a soft place to land. 

Daddy's Little Patient

Frontier Daddies Book Three

A stern but loving Daddy might be just what the doctor ordered...

Owen Pierce is a doctor in the Alaskan bush, and he's about to get one step closer to the wilderness life he loved as a child. He's planning to move out to the island of Enclave in short order. But before he can wave goodbye to his life in town, a troubled Little girl who pushes all his Daddy buttons lands in his lap. 

Cricket Evelyn Baker came to the frozen tundra of Alaska from the cornfields of Nebraska, hoping to find a homestead to call her own. What she found instead was a bleak cubicle and a broken heart. 

Not all who wander are lost, but there's no guarantee that these two seekers will find a Happily Ever After with each other. When Owen finds Cricket sobbing in a stairwell, will it be the start of a match made in the rugged Alaskan outback or the latest in a string of disappointments? 

Daddy’s Little Patient is a standalone novel in the Frontier Daddies series. It features a sweet but sad Little girl longing for the heartland and a Daddy to give her heart to, and a man who hears the call of the wild but also wants a Little girl who will follow Doctor's very strict orders to claim as his own.

Daddy's Little Survivor: Release Date TBD

Frontier Daddies Book Four

Next up in the Frontier Daddies' series is the story for good-humored flyboy, Paul “Apollo” Volaire and survivalist, subsistence hunter, and electrical engineer Espen Sirlig’s sister, Petra “Petey” Sirlig. Stay tuned for a complete blurb, a firm release date, and a cover reveal!