Reading Order

Part of what I love about writing series is the opportunity for familiar faces to show up in other books. While they can be read in any order, this is the order I'd rec for maximum enjoyment--hello, cameos! 

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Twyla's Teacher Daddy (Clover City Littles Book One)

Sable's Santa Daddy (Clover City Little Book Two)

Saoirse's Stepfather Daddy (Clover City Littles Book Three)

Plum's Priest Daddy (Clover City Littles Book Four)

Cosima's Club Owner Daddies (Clover City Littles Book Five)

Devaney's Doctor Daddy (Clover City Littles Book Six)

Ashby's Action Hero Daddy (Bright Lights Little Darlings Book One)

Lilith's Lawyer Daddy (Clover City Littles Book Seven)

Halliday's Hollywood Heartthrob Daddy (Bright Lights Little Darlings Book Two)

A Memorable Little Memorial Day (The Holidays at Rawhide Ranch Season Two)

Tamsyn's Twin Daddies (Clover City Littles Book Eight)

Bianca's Bodyguard Daddy (Bright Lights Little Darlings Book Three)

Nuala's Neighbor Daddy (currently in the Dirty Daddies Party Room 2023 Anniversary Anthology, it will be Clover City Littles Book Nine when it releases as a standalone)

"Daddy's Little Nightingale" (FREE Frontier Daddies series starter!)

Daddy's Little Second Chance (Frontier Daddies Book One)

Daddy's Little Wildcat (Frontier Daddies Book Two)

Daddy's Little Patient (Frontier Daddies Book Three)

Novalie's Little New Year (The Holidays at Rawhide Ranch Season Four)

Daddy's Little Survivor (Frontier Daddies Book Four)