Bright Lights Little Darlings

Get Ready to be Star Struck!

What happens when the glitz and glam of celebrity collide with the vulnerability and intimacy of age play? Sky high stakes, big drama, and the same sweetness and heat you've come to expect from Honey Meyer. 

Bright Lights Little Darlings features age play between adults, and stories may include spanking, DDlg, med fetish, and other kink. 

Ashby's Action Hero Daddy

Bright Lights Little Darlings Book One 

Being a superhero on screen doesn’t make you man enough to be a little girl’s daddy. 

Braeker Thompson is one of Hollywood’s hottest action heroes. Six-three, square-jawed, and with dimples to die for, he could have anyone he wants. But what he needs is a whirlwind romance with a girl-next-door to make the press forget about his latest bad behavior. 

Ashby Lauer is a painfully shy librarian who’s been working up the nerve to step foot in Clover City’s best fetish club for months. On her first night she’s approached by a huge star with the chance of a lifetime: play the role of his hometown sweetheart. 

Brae will do anything to cement his place on the A-list, and bashful but beautiful Ashby agrees to his scheme under one condition: that he teaches her everything she was hoping to learn at Hive. 

As things heat up behind the scenes, will their faux-mance turn real? Or will Brae’s pride and silver screen dreams mean Ashby ends up collateral damage as Brae is targeted by shadows out for vengeance?  

Ashby’s Action Hero Daddy is the first book in the Bright Lights Little Darlings series. It takes place in the glitter and glam world of celebrities, and in Clover City. It stars a wide-eyed innocent with a spine of steel, and a sexy leading man who’s determined to save the day and his little girl.

Halliday's Hollywood Heartthrob Daddy

Bright Lights Little Darlings Book Two

When they were in high school, it was “I’ll have her home by nine, sir.” Now he wants it to be “She calls me Daddy, too.” 

Halliday Williamson owns Clover City’s trendiest salon. She also plays hard at Hive, and changes lovers as often as her hair color. So when the man who broke her vulnerable teenage heart shows up begging for her help? He can go to hell. 

Dane Henley might play a superhero on the big screen and have his pick of partners, but he lost his heart a long time ago to his high school sweetheart. He knew it’d be a long shot asking Halli for a favor, but he didn’t expect her anger to burn so hot after all these years.

Unfortunately for Halliday, Dane has the pull to make her an offer she can’t refuse, and she agrees to do hair and makeup for the latest installment of the blockbuster Knightstyled franchise. She may spit venom in his direction whenever she gets the chance but...doth the lady protest too much? That’s Dane’s only hope as he wages a full scale charm offensive to win back the one who got away. 

Halliday’s Hollywood Heartthrob Daddy is a standalone novel in the Bright Lights Little Darlings series. It features a righteously ticked off vixen whose fury might be hiding a wounded little girl, and one of Hollywood’s biggest stars who’s willing to use every (super)power he has to be recast from nemesis to a daddy who wants to heal the little girl he hurt.

Bianca's Bodyguard Daddy

Bright Lights Little Darlings Book Three

Can he guard her body while still guarding his heart? 

Bianca Lacoste is one of Hollywood’s hottest starlets. She’s also a huge diva whose megawatt tantrums and supernova outbursts are putting her career in jeopardy, and possibly her life. She goes through her personal protection details almost as often as she posts selfies. 

Theo Palmer is one of Carcharodon Security’s best bodyguards. All business and brawn, he prefers high value, high risk clients. And he’s enraged when his boss assigns him to babysit a petulant and spoiled actress who takes awards season more seriously than she does saving her own neck. 

Bianca is determined to get rid of this latest arrogant and iron-fisted oaf, but she may have met her match in the hulking and possibly kind of handsome Theo. Not that she’d tell him that. And Theo is dead set on keeping his charge out of trouble no matter how vapid and bratty the little vixen is. 

Their arguments are heated, but is it only animosity fanning the flames? Or is there an unspoken and fiery passion also sizzling between them? Only time will tell, but if the stalker who’s been dogging Bianca’s every move breaches the fortress Theo’s constructed, time could be up before they figure it out. 

Bianca’s Bodyguard Daddy is a standalone novel in the Bright Lights Little Darlings series. It features a hot-headed big screen drama queen whose fits of pique may be hiding a soft spot, and an imposing daddy who won’t be run off by a scared little girl masquerading as a holy terror.