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Enjoy the adventures of the littles of Clover City who meet and fall in love with their forever daddies and mommies.

Clover City Littles features age play between adults, and stories may include spanking, DDlg, abdl, med fetish, and other kink.

Twyla's Teacher Daddy

Clover City Littles Book One

She's been a very bad girl, he could be the man to teach her a lesson…

Gunnar Fox has the patience of a saint. You have to when you teach high school. But his thoughts about Twyla are anything but pure.

She’s nineteen, in her second senior year at Clover Hills High, and she has a reputation. She’s loud, she’s crude, and she breaks all the rules.

Gunnar doesn’t like brats but something about Twyla says she’s just never had anyone teach her how to be good.

Maybe he could be that man.

Maybe he could be her daddy.

Gunnar rescues Twyla from one threat, but can he keep her safe from her stepfather without ending his career? And can Twyla learn to trust Gunnar or will she push away the only person who’s ever been willing to put her first?

Twyla’s Teacher Daddy is the first in a new series set in Clover City where littles can meet their forever caregivers. It features a protective and nurturing daddy who’s determined to heal his little girl, and a sharp and stubborn survivor who needs just the right man to show her how much she could love being little.

Sable's Santa Daddy

Clover City Littles Book Two

No one makes a little's Christmas wish come true like a Santa daddy...

Jethro Del Bosque owns Clover City’s best garden center. He’s also Clover City’s most sought after Santa, and he’s got his eye on one of his elves.

Sable Hollingsford is heir to the Hollingsford real estate fortune, and she’s one of the city’s wealthiest and most sophisticated women. She’s completely out of Jethro’s league.

Sable’s always wanted a daddy who would spoil and discipline her, and she’s always liked the look of Jethro, but being little isn’t in the cards for a ruthless businesswoman like her.

Except a chance encounter at the club Jethro frequents and where Sable fulfills her secret needs gives them an inkling of hope. And when a stranger at the club won’t take no for an answer, Jethro rushes to Sable’s aid. His heroics give them both second thoughts about what might be possible...especially at Christmas.

Sable’s Santa Daddy is a standalone in a new series set in Clover City where littles can meet their forever caregivers. It features a stern and devoted daddy who wants to give his little miss what’s really important in life, and a poor little rich girl who’s in need of a particular kind of Santa to make all her Christmas wishes come true.

Saoirse's Stepfather Daddy

Clover City Littles Book Three

The first time she lived under his roof, he was her stepfather. Now she’s going to call him Daddy...

Hotshot attorney Arthur Tyndall divorced his ex-wife years ago, so why is he the one she calls for help? And yet, when his stepdaughter shows up on his doorstep, there’s no way he’s going to turn Saoirse away.

Saoirse Sullivan is a hot mess and she knows it. She drinks too much, she dropped out of law school, and her own mother has given up on her. She’s always liked Arthur and staying with him for a while is definitely more appealing than checking into rehab.

Arthur isn’t in a hurry to reverse his empty-nester status but when Saoirse moves in, he’s got bigger problemsshe’s everything he’s ever wanted in a little girl. Smart, gorgeous, and stubborn.

Will they both get a second chance at happiness amidst all the secrets and the scandal or is their forbidden attraction doomed? There’s only one way to find out, and it starts with Saoirse calling him Daddy.

Saoirse’s Stepfather Daddy is a standalone novel in the Clover City Littles series. It features a strict and sophisticated daddy with a very firm hand, and a law school dropout who desperately needs to be disciplined and doted upon in order to thrive.

Plum's Priest Daddy

Clover City Littles Book Four

Sorry, Daddy. I’ve been bad. Or was that Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned?

Plum Brolingtide is the rockabilly fashionista who owns Caffeinatrix--Clover City’s premier cafe. The buxom barista’s favorite hobby? Flirting outrageously with the priest who frequents her establishment.

Gideon Davies is the handsome and unflappable priest at All Saints church who has a weakness for almond croissants, flat whites, and disciplining mouthy young women.

Plum and Gideon get to know each other in the biblical sense and beyond but a tragedy at Plum’s cafe forces their hand to put a label on their affair.

Sure they have a great time together, but can Plum see Gideon as a prospect for Mr. Right instead of just Mr. Right Now? And will Gideon be swayed by the chorus of voices in his congregation calling his relationship with Plum ungodly?

Plum’s Priest Daddy is a standalone novel in the Clover City Littles series. It features a strong-willed and foul-mouthed cafe owner who has a penchant for Fifties fashion, and a man of God who has some very carnal desires alongside his sacred responsibilities that will take a very special woman to fulfill.

Cosima's Club Owner Daddies

Clover City Littles Book Five

How many daddies does it take to heal a broken little girl?

Cosima Valtolina has been trapped in a living hell for eight long years, held hostage by a man she thought would be her savior but who turned out to be a monster. One fateful night frees her from her nightmare come true but also leaves her beaten and bloody in a ditch.

Ian Galbraith, Hudson Lindberg, and Ryker Donahue have been looking for a little to love together for two decades. They never expected their best prospect to turn up half-dead on their doorstep. Hudson falls hard from the start for sweet and submissive Cosima, and Ian’s not far behind, but the enigmatic Ryker isn’t interested in risking his heart again for anything.

The owners of Clover City’s favorite fetish club can help Cosima’s body mend, but can they heal and win her heart? Or will ghosts and demons from their pasts keep them from their happily ever after?

Cosima’s Club Owner Daddies is a standalone novel in the Clover City Littles series. It features a damaged but determined little girl in need of a guardian angel--or three--and a trio of protective and devoted best friends who have vowed to share everything, even love.

Devaney's Doctor Daddy

Clover City Littles Book Six

When you’re a single mom, who’s your daddy?

Devaney Bishop is glad to be free of her ex-husband, but juggling work and two on-the-go sons isn’t easy for anyone, and Devaney’s been struggling with debilitating health problems. Problems that culminate in a mortifying moment in front of her kids’ dreamboat doctor.

Eric Southerland is Clover City’s most well-respected pediatrician--and also the first person mommies and daddies call when their littles are injured, under the weather, or due for a very special trip to the doctor’s office. As beloved as he is, Doctor Eric hasn’t found a little he’d like to call his very own...until newly divorced Devaney Bishop falls ill in his exam room.

Devaney’s used to doing everything herself, but compulsive caretaker Eric won’t tolerate her self-destructive stubbornness. He might get his way while she’s sick, but once she’s recovered will she still want what he has to offer? And will she be able to trust him after the abandonment she’s already suffered?

Devaney’s Doctor Daddy is a standalone novel in the Clover City Littles series. It features a stressed-to-the-brink single parent who needs someone to take as good care of her as she takes of her boys, and an attentive dominant daddy who might be just what the doctor ordered.

Lilith's Lawyer Daddy

Clover City Littles Book Seven

Is there a statute of limitations on finding love?

Vance Yardley has come a long way from the gritty streets of New Haven by way of the ivy-covered, hallowed halls of Yale Law School. As a partner in the prestigious law firm of Tyndall, Soames, and Yardley, he has all the trappings of wealth and success he’s always wanted but something’s missing: a little girl to cherish.

Lilith Belladonna just lost her job. She’s got no money, no home, and no one to call for help. Sure she loves a goth aesthetic, but this is bleak even for her. She sure as hell doesn’t need help, just a place to crash to get back on her platform-booted feet.

When Vance finds Lilith asleep in his cabin, will he toss her out—if she doesn’t run away first, that is? Or will he take the adorable princess of darkness into his home and over his knee? The jury is out because while Lilith doesn’t fit his carefully curated life, maybe there are things that matter more than leading a picture perfect existence.

Lilith’s Lawyer Daddy is a standalone novel in the Clover City Littles series. It features a down-on-her-luck crystal-loving emo chick, and a pop-collared prepster of an attorney whose desire for her is beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Buzz: Volume One

Clover City Littles Short Stories

For the fans of Clover City Littles, the collected bonus stories from Books 1-6, plus some brand new stories featuring your favorite characters!

Included in Volume One of The Buzz are the bonus stories:

  • Teaching Her a Lesson: A Twyla’s Teacher Daddy Bonus Story

  • Santa Babies: A Sable’s Santa Daddy Bonus Story

  • A Father and a Daddy Walk Into a Bar: A Saoirse’s Stepfather Daddy Bonus Story

  • Fall on Your Knees: A Plum’s Priest Daddy Bonus Story

  • Three’s Company, Four’s a Family: A Cosima’s Club Owner Daddies Bonus Story

  • Just What the Doctor Ordered: A Devaney’s Doctor Daddy Bonus Story

And the brand new stories:

  • First There Were Two: A Cosima's Club Owner Daddies Prequel Story (Hudson and Ian)

  • Happy Gotcha Day: A Cosima’s Club Owner Daddies Novella

You can always download free versions of the bonus stories from Honey’s newsletter but The Buzz gives you an opportunity to have them collected in one place, or have a paperback for your shelf. Plus, the new stories are exclusive to The Buzz!

Tamsyn's Twin Daddies

Clover City Littles Book Eight

What’s the only thing better than a smoking hot, dominant daddy? Two.

Tamsyn Yates is the best friend a girl could ask for, a professional badass with a knack for taming spreadsheets, and a middle. Yep, definitely a middle. Not a little. At least that’s what she tells everyone at Hive, the club she joins when she moves to Clover City.

Huxley Foster-Webb was forced into the public eye fresh out of law school, replacing his father who’d been a beloved state representative. His twin Lowell followed in his shadow, and the two of them carried on the Foster-Webb political dynasty until the pressure of being beyond reproach became too much, and a heart attack compelled Hux into retirement. Finally free to lead their lives out of the public eye, Lowell and Hux are ready to pursue their dream of finding a little girl to love.

When the brothers meet hot-blooded and ambitious Tamsyn, they think their fantasy has come to life. But the blond firebrand insists she’s not a little and she doesn’t need anyone to take care of her, never mind two someones. Can Hux and Lowell sway her vote or will the three of them end in deadlock?

Tamsyn’s Twin Daddies is a standalone novel in the Clover City Littles series. It features a stubborn and feisty career-minded woman, and two picture-perfect, high-handed men who are used to getting what they want one way or another.